May 30, 2009

Hourly rate increase in Odesk

The past 2 months, I had a difficulty in having new projects in Odesk. That is why 2 weeks ago, I decided to lower my rate from $3/hour to $2/hour. After applying, I immediately got a response from the buyer. He first asked me if I want to work on his project since it is for guns and ammunitions. I said that I am willing to work and he immediately gave me the instructions. Then after reading the instructions, I reiterated to him my understanding of the instructions and asked some questions that I have. In all my projects, I always do this. I don't want to bill hours to my buyers when the work I am doing is wrong. He was very happy with me and decided to give me 50 hours a week. Since his payment is not yet confirmed, I decided to research a little bit about guns and ammunitions so I have a general understanding on what I am doing.

After a few days, he was confirmed and I then started working on the project. When doing online jobs, you need to be resourceful. Don't ask "common sense" questions to buyers because they might get irritated if you are bugging them with simple questions. We must understand that they are also busy.

Then today, I received an email from him. He said that "originally you posted $3.33 for this job and I see you are only being billed at $2.22. I have seen a way to pop in a raise somewhere but don't recall where. I will make sure to balance this out somehow." I was like ecstatic when I read this. Then I gave him the instructions on how to increase rate in Odesk. In a matter of minutes, he changed my rate. Here's the screenshot.

But wait, I received an email again and would you believe my buyer also adjusted the work I did.

I guess this is the result of my prayers. I prayed hoping that I will have a generous buyer and Thank God.

The problem I am having right now is how to allocate my time. Because aside from Odesk, I also have an online job outside of Odesk. I'll make a post on it later. I am planning on giving it to other providers.


isl30fvi3w June 1, 2009 at 11:49 AM  

wow! congrats ladykristinn! I agree with you, this only shows how powerful our prayers. Goodluck to your oDesk job and non-odesk jobs.

Anonymous,  November 18, 2009 at 8:05 PM  

commit to good work and money will adjust itself for you..this is wt it says

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