August 18, 2009

Sorry for not updating for so long...

So sorry guys if I am just updating this blog after a few weeks of hibernation. My family is on vacation here in Philippines and I am just spending every minute of the day as I can with them. I miss them so much especially my brother. They are still here anyway but my siblings are in Cebu (we left them there) so I have a little reprieve.

After a week, I'll be able to update more frequently.

To share you some news, I found that with regards to calling and texting, it is more expensive here in the Philippines compared to Japan. I thought it was more expensive there because of the high standard of living. My sister told me that for unlimited text for a month, they will just need to load 300 yen (around Php150.00). Unlimited meaning they can use it as MMS or SMS to any network. While here in the Philippines you can have "unlimited text" for Php20/day. It's around Php600.00 for a month. Philippines' "unlimited text" is valid only for 1 network like for Globe to Globe or Smart to Smart only. If I am not wrong, it only constitute SMS messaging, separate charging is applicable to MMS. Their unlimited call is also cheaper but I didn't pay attention when she narrated me this story. (Sorry Hiromi). 300 yen can buy you cellphone accessories or cellphone stickers in Japan. That is the worth of the unlimited text in Japan.

I now conclude that having a cellphone is really expensive here in the Philippines.

By the way, I received one of the freebies I posted here. I'll post the pictures later...


nathan August 18, 2009 at 1:53 AM  

an update after 32days!!=) welcome back ladyk! (according to my feed reader)

Wow! Mahal nga pala talaga dito sa Philippines ang sms/mms rates! Calling NTC!=)

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