July 8, 2008

Pay to review

Ximmy is pays you to search and by giving reviews. I am using MySearchFunds for searching and I use Ximmy for giving reviews.

How do we review sites?
1. Find a link you want to review
2. Once you find the URL you want to review, just click submit review
3. Make your review.

As simple as that.

You can share many things like products, images, companies, websites, people, videos and the likes.

Current point structure
Submission: 1 point
Popular: 15 points
Write a review: 10 points
Invite friend: 15 points

You can redeem the points for cash:
Points Rewards
1,000 $10
1,800 $20
3,200 $40
6,000 $80
12,000 $160
20,000 $300


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