July 9, 2008

Withdrew funds from Odesk

I now have funds in ODesk available for withdrawal. I already have my Odesk Payoneer Debit Card but I decided to withdraw via PayPal. I didn't use Odesk Payoneer debit card because of the following:

Card activation fee $9.95
Monthly account
maintenance fee $3.00
ATM withdrawal
-outside US $ 2.15 +up to 3% of transaction amount

Card activation fee is a one time fee-when card is first loaded.
ATM withdrawal fee is on a per transaction basis.

Here is the screenshot of my first earnings in ODesk as of July 9, 2008

I decided to transfer my funds from ODesk to PayPal. In just a few seconds, my funds were transferred from ODesk to PayPal. The fee of the transfer is $1.00. Here is the screenshot.

When my funds are transferred to PayPal on the same day, July 9, 2008, I transferred it to my Unionbank EON account. The fee for this is PhP50.00 ($1.00=PhP45.00)

I received an email from PayPal that it will take approximately 5-7 days before my money will be credited to my bank account. I'll just wait and keep you posted once I receive my earnings on my EON card.


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