June 3, 2009

PTC that paid me

Before I did online jobs, I first ventured in PTCs. But when I was already earning in online jobs, I sort of neglected my PTCs. I only remembered again PTCs when I have scarcity of assignments in Odesk. I recently rejoined PTC during my spare time. This was the time when I have so many free hours because of scarcity of Odesk assignment. Hence, this is my second take with PTCs.

Before I joined the sites, I first research and research if they really pays and if they are scam. I will post only the two sites who have already paid me. I'll just post later the other sites I have joined and stayed active. I am saying this because I have joined sites that I am inactive mainly because of low click rate. Imagine, there are sites that pay $.0001/click. I think it is not worth the effort.

Links to the sites who have paid me:

Payout: $2.00
Clickrate: $0.01
Ads per day: 4
Payment: Paypal, Alertpay - Instant payment

Payout: $0.01
Clickrate: $0.02
Payment: Paypal
Status: NOW active with increased clickrate. Old rate was $0.01 and lower payout rate from $0.10 to $0.01

Here are the payment proofs




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